ISSN 2229-3515

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1. Android Application for Public Transport Vehicle Tracking
Pratap Singh, S., Vishal Sonawane., Nayan Malwade., Sopnil Shinde
2. Progression towards Automatic Reconfiguration for Ample Responsible Systems
Nageshwar Reddy, K and Naresh Reddy, N
3. An Efficient Super Resolution Colour Image Enhancement Method By Using Wavelet Zero Padding
Dr. P. V. Naganjaneyulu
4. Reversible Watermarking Scheme for Constancy Management in Images
Bhavani, Koganti., Katha Beulah and G. Deepa Rani Goud
5. Detection of Neighbour Regions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. C. Srinivasa Kumar., Raja Ram, J ., Parameshwar
6. Implementation of Dynamic Data For Cloud Storage Environment
Dr. C. Srinivasa Kumar., Yamini, P and Pavani, P
7. Performance Analysis of Image Resolution By Using Decomposition Method
Dr. P. V. Naganjaneyulu
8. Local Directional Number Model Intended for Face Detection
Vidya Sagar, B and K. G. N. Kumar
9. Competent Time Synchronization System Intended For Underwater Sensor Networks
Kullai Swamy, D and Naresh Reddy, N
10. Modern Methodologies in Software Engineering with A Concept on Agile Methodology
Srinivas Reddy Palle., Praveen Kumar Kamin and Mamatha, A
11. Improving of Unwanted Messages from Online Social Networks
Meena, S., Ramappa Siddi and Prakash Reddy, G
13. An Overview of Security Concerns In Cloud Computing
Yadaiah, V., Zubear Ahammed, K and Dr. C. S. Kumar
14. Assessment of Crowd Sourcing Behavioural Effects
Madhuri, M and Prakash Reddy, G
15. Rapid Transmission Towards Secluded Cooperative Groups
Shravya, T and Naresh Reddy, N
16. Feature Identification Using Combined ICA -Wavelet Method for Image Mining
C. Srinivas and Dr. S. K. Mohan Rao
17. Accomplishing of Load-Balancing In Peer-To-Peer Systems
Swathi, Devathi., Sridhar Burada and Vijaya Lakshmi, L
18. An Approach Towards Mobile Social TV Exploiting Cloud Strategy
Mrudula, N and Prakash Reddy, G
19. A Reinforcement Learning System Intended for Multi hop Wireless Networks
Veerababu, L., Suri Babu, P and Ganna Madhu
20. Planning Facilities in A Urban Colony With Integer Goal Programming
C. Ashok Kumar and Dr. G. Ravindra Babu
21. Information Retrieval and Summarization of Documents Using Artificial Neural Networks
Sunil Manohar Reddy. K., Dr. G. Ravindra Babu., S. Krishna Mohan Rao
22. Corporate Planning For It Industry - A Goal Programming Approach
U.Balakrishna and Dr. G. Ravindra Babu
23. Preparation of N-Alkyl Substituted Cysteine Derivatives by Reductive Amination
A.Harikrishna, Dr.R.Narendar